InsulMasters has made R501’s third-party testing more accessible to users. so that users of R501 have full knowledge and confidence in the product’s performance claims. Our industry-leading ASTM C236 test, in partnership with The Northwest Concrete Masonry Association, is listed below. This test is now referred to as ASTM C-1363. Underneath the test result you will also find the supporting legal statement from the testing agency, Braun Intertec, supporting the validity and publication of the ASTM C-236 test results.

Test Values:

ASTM C-236 (1363) Overall R-value of 8″ NON-GROUTED cmu with 100pcf is 11.05: Actual C236 Test
• Extrapolated R-value of 10.5 in 8″ cmu & 19.1 in 12″ cmu at 140pcf: Actual Computation
• Extrapolated R-value of 20.1 in 12″ cmu at 120pcf: Actual Computation
ASTM C-518 R-value of 4.63 per inch @ 25°F (Ref “White Foam” page 2) Actual C518 Test
ASTM E-84 Class 1(A) Flame spread 20 Smoke Developed 50 • Code Equivalent to UL 723, NFPA 255, or UBC 8-1 Actual E84 Test
ASTM E-119 2.75 hour Fire Rating in NONGROUTED 8″ cmu wall Actual E119 Test
• Note to achieve 4-hour rating add grout according to NCMA Tek notes
• 4 hour fire rating for 2 hour cmu has been achieved by another manufacture after using a specific GROUTED wall design and/or using a cmu with thicker than standard faceshells to achieve this rating. Please contact for clarity.
ASTM D-5116 OSHA Compliant Actual D5116 Test

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